Our Mission

At SN Play Date, we believe that every kid has the ability to grow and learn faster when they are engaged with fun activities.

Studies have shown that children who participate in enrichment activities have an increased chance in excelling in their academic studies. Child psychologist, Dr Harriet Tenebaum said that “research suggests extra-curricular activities are related to improvements in children’s confidence and academic achievements.”

Donate To Our Community

All our courses are free for special need child

We are raising funds for SN families who has financial difficulties to fund for workshops and courses. This voluntary fund will be use to pay for the workshops and courses within my community here. I hope to reach out to more SN families. Hope you will help me share around within your communities as well. Thanks. With deepest gratitude from SNPlaydate.


Why Choose Us

We are Parents ourselves

We know how hard and difficult the process of teaching your child is if you do it alone. Let us help you with that!

Community bonding

Our courses will enable your kid to interact with other kids, giving them chances to learn from each other and build friendships.

We are Different

Most courses focus solely on academics, but miss out on important life skills. We focus on building character, intangible qualities and soft skills that will set us apart from the rest.


We always believe that learning should be fun and this will create a desire in your kid to learn.



To reach out for all children of all abilities in Singapore and globally.


At SN Play Date, we believe that every kid has the ability to grow and learn faster when they are engaged with fun activities by providing a more diversified services to our children of different abilities in Singapore and around the world.


At SN Play Date, we value the abilities of each Child in this society. By providing the right platform for learning, enables our children to grow with joy and excellence.

Our Founder

Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong


Whilst governments focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), a quiet revolution is slowly happening through the integration of Arts with STEM.

STEM is not a new concept, but rather a return to educational foundations, as exemplified by Dewey through the integration of multiple knowledge to explore concepts (Dewey, 1980). 

I come from a Montessori and Science background but continue to have an interest and fascination in Arts. I developed a course for pre-schoolers and primary schools’ students that focused on the integrating Science with Arts, using namely recycled products.

‘(Curriculum Integration) is rooted in a view of learning as the continuous integration of new knowledge and experience so as to deepen and broaden our understanding of ourselves and our world.’ (Beane, 1995, p.622).

Throughout the course, Science knowledge will be introduced through Arts and Arts knowledge was taught through Science.

“As a single parent of my lovely child with Autism, I want to provide him a platform to be selfless and be able to provide his leadership role in his life by serving his abilities to those in need as he grows.”

Our Partners